Friday, June 01, 2007

Is it summer yet?

(Train sightings on 5/31/07)

as being trackside along the Lehigh Line in Manville (NJ) with the three H's (heat, haze and humidity) certainly made it feel like summer on this Thursday morning. Here was the rundown of what passed by my vantage point.

NS 21M @ 7:20; had a trio of C40-9Ws for power. They were NS 9977, NS 9978 and NS 9398. NS 212 @ 8:07; had two C40-9Ws, NS 9407 and NS 9059, for power.

NS 18G @ 9:15; had NS 9954 (C40-9W) as the leader, NS 2690 (SD70M-2) and NS 3376 (SD40-2, ex-CR 6438) for power on this mixed freight.

NS 11J @ 9:22; would proceed to head west after holding on the passing siding for 18G to pass. Motive power would be NS 7620 (ES40DC) and NS 8813 (C40-9). Behind them were sixty-three autoracks.

CSX Q300 @ 9:54; After dropping off six cars at the Manville yard, Q300 would head east with CSX 7538 (C40-8), CSX 709 (SD70MAC) and CSX 5228 (ES44DC).

As to when the calendar declares summer officially arrives, that will happen on June 21st.