Sunday, December 02, 2007

Western visitors on the Lehigh Line...

were greeted with cold temperatures and a blustry wind heading east over the Lehigh Line near Manville, NJ on this Saturday morning. Their trip east was "... in a holding pattern due to a Chessie move..." at Port Reading Jct. That CSX train was Q409-30 headed south down the Trenton Line at 7:40. Q409-30's motive power was CSX 5375 (ES44DC), CSX 8858 (SD40-2, ex-CR 6502), CSX 7604 (C40-8) and CSX 7357 (C40-8W, ex-CR 6192).

NS 214 finally was on the move again around 7:50. Its power was BNSF 4558 (C44-9W), BNSF 841 (C40-8W, still in a red and silver paint scheme with the "Fe" missing in Santa Fe) and NS 8463 (C40-8W, ex-LMS 723).

NS 212 would follow shortly there after around 8:00. 212's all western power trio consisted of TFM 1616 (SD70MAC), UP 4176 (C44-9W) and UP 4149 (SD70M).

CSX's MA80 would be holding at CP Bound Brook before heading to Plainfield. The power to pick up those cars would be CSX 2798 (GP38-2, ex-CR 8238). A side shot of CSX 2798 for the modelers in the audience has been included for reference purposes.