Sunday, December 20, 2009

Norfolk Southern-Inclimate Weather Affects Operations.

Received the following through email:

Winter Storm Impacting Mid-Atlantic Operations

A winter storm has brought heavy snow, wind, and power outages to many areas in the Mid-Atlantic region and is now moving into the Northeast and is impacting service in these areas. Customers with shipments moving through these areas should expect delays of up to 48 hours. Local service will also be affected in some of the heaviest hit areas, including western North Carolina, western Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and eastern Pennsylvania.

Norfolk Southern is working to restore normal service in these areas as quickly as possible. Customers with questions regarding specific shipments should contact their Customer Service Representative.

Customer Service - 800 635.5768

Central Yard Operations representatives are also available to answer any questions regarding local service (set/pull) in the affected area.

Central Yard Operations - 800 898.4296