Saturday, August 07, 2010

Lots of sun, low humidity and a few trains...

(Train sightings on 7-31-10.)

My subject line say for this email states it all in a nutshell regarding my Saturday trackside trip to Lansdowne Junction (MP 58) on the Lehigh Line. I will say that NS 212 literally snuck up on me at 8:05. There was nothing picked up on my scanner of the signal at 58 being called. When the crossing gates started to sound off was the first and only notice I had of this train's approach. The motive power consisted of NS 9049, NS 9246 and NS 9430.

There was also no mistaking what NS 65J's cargo consisted of when I got wind of it at 8:30. The pungent aroma of garbage being hauled west in the familiar blue containers by NS 9169 and NS 8356. That train couldn't go by fast enough past my location to suit me!

Next eastbound train was a very long NS 22V with its colorful COFCs brought east by NS 2646 and NS 9905 at 9:20.

The final train for me on this day would be NS 21M at 9:37. Motive power was NS 9553, NS 8955 and NS 9677.

After that I headed down to the Hamden Road grade crossing (MP 57) hoping for yet one more east bounder. Alas, that hope would not be answered! About the only saving grace for being here three hours was that I got to chat with some nice people who were out biking, jogging or driving by. For me, the enjoyment of talking with them took off some of the disappointment of not getting a train here. Oh well, there will be more sunny days to come and, hopefully, an elusive eastbound train to allow me to get a photograph here. Over the years, I have come to realize that rail fanning has taught me two things. Those two items would be patience and perseverance! On that note, have a good day...