Monday, January 23, 2012

Who says CSX isn't interesting???!!!

Received the following via email from Kermit Geary, Jr.  Text, photos, and captions are his.

Been working the past week on CSX between Cleveland, OH and Buffalo, NY and will be between Hamburg and Rochester this next week on the SRS 956. Saw some real interesting trains and locomotives.

The UP 5471 led the Selkirk-North Platte unit Reefer train west at Bergen, NY today...1/20/2012

The CSXT 999 (you could smell the paint!) led an intermodal eastbound at Corfu, NY...1/20/2012

CSXT 8351 - 8040 (TWO Standard cab EMD'S) on an eastbound multilevel train...1/20/2012

Freightliner 70019 was on a QTTX car Westbound thru Cleveland, OH on its way to Philadelphia and a ship to England. 1/19/2012. Seems like a long way to get to Philadelphia....

UP 5471 & train at Bergen, NY

CSXT 999 - 998 at Corfu, NY

CSXT 8351 - 8040 stopped at East Churchville, NY for a stuck brake

Freightliner 70019 at Cleveland, OH