Friday, December 07, 2012

Was it worth the wait?

(Train sightings on 11-23-12.)

Checking out what might be running on the Lehigh Line the day after Thanksgiving via the Internet, I saw that NS 290 had UP 7714 as its leader. Reading a few more threads about this particular train's location, I would learn that it was passing through Hershey (PA) around 8:30 AM. Hmmm... knowing that I decided a trip out to Bloomsbury to photograph it as it started to climb over the "Jersey Barrier", more commonly known as Musconetcong Mountain, was a good way to take advantage of this sunny November day. Arriving in Bloomsbury I thought it wouldn't be all that long before I heard the sound of 290's horn blowing for the Kennedy Road grade crossing. One hour passed by, then two, still another half hour would pass and I started toying with the idea that if it didn't come by high noon, I would be out of there! Seven minutes to noon and a train's horn was heard off in the distance. Was this 290 or another train? I thought that since I waited this long what was a few more minutes? As the leader approached, I could see that it was 290 with UP 7714 on the point. Granted the sun wasn't as good as it would have been earlier this morning. So I will ask you to be the judge and jury if my wait was worth this image?