Tuesday, July 16, 2013

ex-Conrail B36-7s in Brazil as BB36-7s

Received the following via email.

Remember when Conrail's brand-new B36-7s were delivered in late 1983 with these SP-esque fabricated sheet metal side air intake 'shields'?
And remember when it was rare to see any CR van train that didn't have a trio or quartet of B36-7s or GP40-2s for power? It was all just yesterday...


CR B36-7 #5010, featured prominently in the above two Chicago Line in Indiana scenes, has since sprouted four more axles, changed gauges and road number, and now works in Brazil toting cargo and passengers! She still sported most of her CONRAIL QUALITY scheme in South America, as recently as eight years ago. As a BB36-7, the unit now seems more suited to mineral drag service with all those traction motors than high-speed van trains, though (wearing the full paint of new owner, Estrada de Ferro Vitória a Minas), she even hauls passengers:


Echoes of the Union Pacific / Southern Pacific giant B-B U50 model:


The new VALE "breached police line tape" scheme is likely in #703's future, as seen on repainted ex-CR B36-7 sisters #701 (ex-CR 5000) and #736 (ex-CR #5031):