Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Tale of Two Excursions...

(Train sightings on 8-17-13 and 8-24-13.) 

NKP 514 leads a four car consist of coaches over the Lackawanna River in Olyphant (PA) on August 17th after departing from Steamtown earlier on the morning of August 17th.  The D&H built these identical trestles in 1904 and 1906 to carry four tracks through this area on what was known as the Penn Division. Called the Heritage Explorer Train, this sold-out excursion was sponsored by Lackawanna Heritage Valley National and State Heritage Area, its destination was Carbondale’s (PA) annual Ethnic Heritage Festival. As to the significance of this location, Olyphant was where my father lived as a child and my godmother resided until her passing. Every time we drive over this grade crossing, I would look out the window and hope to see a train. Alas, that vision never happened until August 17th when I photographed this excursion. With that being accomplished, that item can be crossed off my "bucket list".

The wait is over for this group of photographers that waited patiently trackside for the Lehigh Limited’s passage at Bloomsbury (NJ). NS 3031 leads M&E 18 and NJT 4802 along with sixteen coaches past the Agway Building on August 24. People driving along Staats Road would sometimes stop to inquire what everyone was waiting for. That response was "...its a specail excursion train called the Lehigh Limited..." followed by a brief explanation of what this train was and its significance. The train’s passage through Bloomsbury definitely generated lots of interest for both railfans and non-railfans alike.  Later in the day, its return route was via the Washington Secondary with M&E Alco leading the way here as it passed bythe Port Murray depot.