Tuesday, December 22, 2015

By Dawn's Early Light, QTTX #131033 whips west through Cresson, PA on 35A

Received via e-mail from Nathan Clark

A short while earlier, in predawn darkness, this block of loaded and spacer cars on the head-end of the train was arcing around the world-famous Horse Shoe Curve, as the 35A's two road locomotives and two rear-end helpers hauled and pushed the 117-car train over the Allegheny Mountains. Also just minutes before passing through Cresson, this train topped the grade inside the tunnel at Gallitzin, PA (passing from the Susquehanna River watershed into that of the Mighty Mississippi, in crossing the drainage divide)and began the descent down the West Slope grade toward Johnstown and Pittsburgh. On Sunday afternoon, the heavy machinery components were at destination.