Monday, May 30, 2016

Steamtown's Memorial Day weekend excursion to Jessup (PA)

Decided to head to Pennsylvania on Saturday to try and photograph Steamtown's Scranton to Jessup excursion. This excursion was billed as "Celebrate Memorial Day with a World War II troop train, the Jessup Fireman's picnic and a historical tour." I managed to catch the train approaching Olyphant's North Valley Avenue grade crossing around 1:30. DL's 405, an ALCO C420, lead a three car consist of CNJ coaches. That first coach was empty but the remaining two coaches was packed. Had to feel a little compassion for those re-enactors dressed in the WW II military garb when I saw them seen walking around in Jessup on such a hot and humid day. Prior to leaving for PA though, I was stopped at Raritan's (NJ) Thompson Street grade crossing for NJT's 5512 and managed to snap this image of a safety slogan on the bi-level . The message on the side of NJT's 7056 certainly catches one's eye.