Thursday, March 16, 2017

The "2018 Erie Limited NER Convention"

received via email
18 Months to the Erie Limited!
We may be 18 months away from hosting the Northeastern Regional convention in Mahwah, NJ, but September 2018 will be here before you know it! We have been making great progress on the plans for the Erie Limited convention since our last email to you in December. But, more work is still to be done!  Last December, we asked for help and some of you raised your hand. For those who did raise your hands, a mighty thank you! For those of you that did not, your help is still needed.
Layout Tours

Layout tours are a big part of any model railroad convention. We have already asked known layout owners to open their layouts for tours.  If you were not contacted and have a layout, will you open your layout for the Erie Limited? Remember, the convention is in September, 2018. This gives you plenty of time and an incentive to finish areas of your layout for viewing at the convention.  

Giving a clinic is not as hard as you think! Take a topic you are passionate about. A topic you feel comfortable talking about among your friends. If you put your key points and some photos together in a PowerPoint presentation and practice presenting it, you are ready to be a star! 
Convention Volunteer
Every convention relies on volunteers to make sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. These volunteers man the registration desk, monitor the contest and auction rooms, operate as audio/video technicians for the clinic rooms, and many other roles.  

The geographic areas of our divisions are rich with cultural activities for our non-rail companions. Wineries, parks, shopping areas, culinary schools, and historic sites are some of the areas finest features. They are features that visitors from outside our divisions need to to see!  Do you have any suggestions that we can add to the list?
If you or your companion wish to raise your hand and open your layout for tours, present a clinic, volunteer at the convention hotel, or assist with Non-Rail activities, contact Tom Wortmann. Tom is the Convention Chairman and he will make sure your raised hand is seen!

Contact Tom at

NMRA Garden State Division, 537 Malcolm Road, Union, NJ 07083