Friday, May 05, 2017

News about RBB&B's final circus train runs...

Received via email

From a Internet website...
RBBB CIRCUS TRAIN -- ONE MORE TIME -- this coming Mon/Tues. the Blue Unit has its final train-run with everyone aboard, with the MONDAY portion through the beautiful W.Va. mountains out of Deepwater, WV (same as last year's Red Unit final elephant run), and the TUES. MORNING portion northward through Virginia's scenic Shenandoah Valley (Waynesboro, Va. expected by sunrise, or thereabouts) ... that will be THE LAST RBBB Circus Train-run with all personnel aboard. There should be another update Friday afternoon to be posted on the com website (Eastern and Western discussion boards).

Now, here comes a "PURPLE UNIT" Circus Train to Florida:

A final posting will also be made during the last week in Uniondale NY as the big news we are being told is that this coming week, after the 145th Edition's (Red Unit) train is secured to head home from Providence, Rhode Island, it will be taken south and HELD AT OAK ISLAND YARD in New Jersey for 2 weeks .. then WILL BE COMBINED with the Blue Unit's train for a DOUBLE ("PURPLE UNIT") CIRCUS TRAIN-RUN to Florida on CSXT via Richmond Va.... there will be only two Ringling' officials aboard to oversee the ops (they might be dropping cars in various towns along the way to new owners, but that's not confirmed) ... AND ... this Sat. the Blue Unit will have their coaches SHUFFLED AROUND (unknown if this will occur on Red Unit, but it probably will) into the "SET-OFF-ALONG-THE-WAY-TO-FLORIDA order. Photographers and historians should note that the coaches will be all mixed up ("House Numbers" way out of order) for the run to New York.

The departure day for the run to Florida will NOT be the day after the last show (May 21) in New York; the Blue Unit may be in Uniondale at least through Tues., May 23 .... there's no word on the actual departure day at this time. This will save the company a lot of RR charges as it will be ONE move to Florida instead of two. This has been done only one prior time, I'm told, perhaps as early as the late 1970s or perhaps during the early 1980s, and was also on a run from New Jersey to Florida for December of whatever year that was; the two shows were moving the same day on the same route so it made sense to combine them that way. Otherwise there has never been a "combined" RBBB train like this one. We are only sad that all of our Circus Family spread out across the two Units won't be able to ride together; that has been a dream for many of us for along time, but alas with the cars being set off, that wouldn't be practicle.

The "PURPLE UNIT" Circus Train, from New Jersey to Florida on CSXT, is expected to be around 100 cars long!