Tuesday, May 08, 2007

More than the circus train could be seen...

(Train sightings on 4/30/07)

along the Lehigh Line near Manville on Monday morning. The sightings started early and were as follows:

NS 18N @ 6:45-red / silver BNSF 748 (C44-9W) and NS 2537 (SD70) would bring sixty-eight autoracks east in an early morning rain shower.

NS Intermodal, symbol unknown, @ 6:55 had two C40-9Ws, NS 9958 and NS 9878, for power.

CSX 916-30 @ 7:55-a/k/a, the circus train would have CSX 4715 (SD70MAC) and CSX 5010 (CW44-6) for power. The Red Unit's fifty-eight cars weighed in at 4,265 tons and measured 5,148 feet in length. It was making a 443 mile trip from Philadelphia, PA to Providence, RI. (see also the posting below with pictures of this train)

NS 24V would hold for the circus train to proceed before continuing its eastbound journey over CR's Shared Assets Lehigh Line. Motive power was two C40-9Ws, NS 9645 and NS 9322.

NS 21M-after holding the main for CSX 916 and NS 24V to pass on the siding, 21M continued its trip west. Motive power was NS 2632 (SD70M), NS 7552 (ES40DC), PRR 8385 (C40-8W, ex-CR 6173) and PRR 8310 (C40-8, ex-CR 6045). 21M's departure time wasn't recorded.

NS 212-had NS 9626 (C40-9W) and NS 2535 (SD70) bringing a mixture of autoracks and intermodals east.

CSX Q300 @ 9:00-would have CSX 7367 (C40-8W) and CSX 5435 (ES44DC) bring a short train of twenty-seven cars of mixed freight east.

NS 214 @ 9:17 would have four GP60s, NS 7150, NS 7101, NS 7120 and NS 7126 for its power consist.

NS 20G @ 10:10-was the morning's final train for me. Motive power would be NS 9796 (C40-9W) and UP 5106 (SD70M).

Nine trains in basically three hours, not a bad way to start off this Monday morning.