Monday, May 14, 2007

Saturday's sparse sightings...

(Train sightings on 5/5/07)

along the Lehigh Line were only two trains.

From what I was told, NS 212, 64J and 18N had already passed by prior to my arrival at Pattenburg, NJ. The trains I did see though made for a nice sight on this spring day.

NS 20R came through Pattenburg Tunnel around 8:55. Motive power would be NS 2752 (SD70M-2) and NS 9427 (C40-9W).

Shades of CR! NS 24Z would have PRR 8336 (C40-8W, ex-CR 6088) as the leader coupled to NS 7644 (ES40DC) around 9:11.

Both trains would be instructed to hold the siding down at CP 51 waiting for NS 21M.

Once 21M was clear, NS 20R would be through Three Bridges, NJ at 10:28 and NS 24Z would follow a little later at 10:40.

On this day, you won't get any complaints from me about the trains or weather...