Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Before going to cut the grass...

(Train sightings on 8-11-07)

decided that this would be a good morning to spend some time trackside in Manville, NJ. After the previous week's roller coaster ride of varying weather conditions, it was time for me to take advantage Saturday's enjoyable weather. As for the trains that passed by my vantage point, they were:

8:12 NS 212-had a quartet of GP60s for power, NS 7135, NS 7146, NS 7123 and NS 7141. Considering the inordinate amount of autoracks to be seen, this train could have easily been mistaken for NS 18N.

8:30 MA1-would have NS 5620 (GP38-2) taking ten CSX coil cars east.

9:30 NS 11J-NS 9297 (C40-9W) and NS 8821 (C40-9) had thirty-seven autoracks in tow as it headed west past my vantage point.

9:41-CSX Q300-was finally given permission by the dispatcher to proceed east along the Lehigh Line. Today's train had a number of garbage container flats in its consist of eighty-five cars that it reminded me of CSX's K206. Motive power would be CSX 8752 (SD60I, ex-CR 5647) and BNSF 1097 (C44-9W).

Hope that your morning was just as enjoyable!