Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Saturday sightings...

(Train sightings on 8/18/07.)

were certainly sparse along the Lehigh Line near Manville (NJ) on this Saturday morning. Four trains, three NS and one CSX, was all that was seen during my time track side. Those trains were:

NS 11J @ 8:20- would have NS 9883 (C40-9W) and NS 2659 (SD70M-2) for power to bring ninety-six auto racks west.

MA-1 @ 9:16- headed east out of Manville yard with thirteen coil cars behind PRR 3048 (GP40-2, ex-CR 3364) and CSX 6109. PRR 3048 certainly looked like it had seen better days of service! Another interesting sight was the appearance of a CR CoilShield car mixed in amongst the CSX Coil cars.

CSX Q300 @ 10:05- would take its ninety-one cars of mixed freight east after finishing work at the Manville yard. Motive power would be two C40-8Ws, CSX 7888 and CSX 7780.

NS 212 @ 10:35- looked more like NS 18N with all of those auto racks! NS 9404 (C40-9W), NS 2532 (SD70) and NS 8311 (C40-8) would comprise the power consist.

Falling into the "heard about but not seen" category was NS I4V and an NS westbound power move.