Saturday, November 17, 2007

Last call for fall foliage...

(Train sightings on Veteran's Day, 11-11-07.)

started off with NS 212 going in the passing siding at CP 64 and coming back out on to the main at CP 62 without stopping around 8:40. Power for 212 was NS 9235 (C40-9W), NS 8759 (C40-8) and NS 2721 (SD70M-2).

NS 24V would follow at 9:53 on to the passing siding at CP 64 and be held there for no apparent reason as there were no westbounders forthcoming. At 11:20, it would then pass through Stanton Station and be held at CP 51 for 11J, whose power was not seen, and another westbound, symbol unknown.

That second NS westbound would have a combination of TOFCs and empty spine cars. Motive power for this train was NS 2744 (SD70M-2), NS 9690 (C40-9W), NS 9125 (C40-9W) and a unknown fourth NS diesel (I couldn't record that fourth diesel's numbers as this train was moving!).

Once the westbounder cleared, NS 24V would finally pass through Three Bridges at 12:10. On the point was NS 9386 (C40-9W) and NS 2614 (SD70M)to take in on to the Roycefield Running track.

What was nice for me was being able to photograph the 24V in good sunlight amidst a backdrop of fall foliage at Pattenburg and Stanton Station. Not able to include those scenes here as they were shot on film as I wanted to capture some of fall's fading color on film...