Saturday, July 05, 2008

Beneath a shady train...

(Train sightings on 6-28-08.)

on this hot and humid Saturday morning, this is what passed by my vantage point in Manville.

7:23-CSX 703 Thirty-nine cars of NY trash was being taken to southern landfills by CSX 5392 and CSX 8094.

7:37-NS 18N NS 9210 and NS 9271 were in charge of sixty-five loaded autoracks coming east.

7:45-NS 21M would have NS 9250, the "Operation Lifesaver" unit, as its leader along with NS 2669 and PRR 8441 (ex-CR 6268, renumbered April 26, 1999).

9:00-NS 212 would have an "open door policy" on its leader, NS 9461, perhaps to get a flow of some cooler air circulating through the cab. NS 7555 and NS 9359 would be the other two units in this trio of power.

9:05-NS 11J NS 2514 and NS 9484 were in charge of fifty-two autoracks, measuring in around 5,000 feet long.

Falling into the heard about but eventually coming down the tracks were NS 24V and NS 214.

Have to say that for the hour and a half I was there, the Lehigh Line was buzzing with activity.