Thursday, July 17, 2008

Some CSX yellow and NS black...

(train sightings on 7-12-08)

on this Saturday (7/12) morning would find a good mix of NS and CSX passing by my vantage point in Manville. By time sequence, the trains spotted were as follows:

CSX @ 7:40- unknown symbol on this eastbound intermodal. This was a pleasant surprise since I can't recall the last time I saw a CSX intermodal this early on a Saturday morning. Motive power was CSX 5393 and CSX 7735.

CSX @ 8:02- unknown symbol once again on this empty garbage container train. Power would be CSX 5482, CSX 8199 and CSX 8208.

CSX @ 8:20- unknown symbol for the 111 cars of mixed freight that was taken east by CSX 5009 and CSX 248. About eighty cars back was a white Dupont caboose, a white Dupont boxcar and a white Dupont tank car with the marking "CAER". had no idea as to what the purpose of these three cars is.

CSX 301 @ 8:31- would have CEFX 3105 (SD40-2, ex-CN 5160) and CSX 7548 bringing 84 cars of mixed freight south over the Trenton Line. A photo of CEFX 3105 is included for the modeler's reference.

CSX @ 8:51- CSX 5309 and CSX 7871 bringing 42 cars south with loaded fifty-nine cubic yards containers of garbage-PU!

NS 21M @ 9:02- would have NS 9724, NS 2667 and UP 4244 for power.

NS 11J @ 9:15- seventy-two autoracks, measuring in at an estimated 6,800 feet, were taken west by NS 9340 and NS 9703.

NS 24V @ 10:00- had NS 7537 as its leader followed by NS 6708.

NS 214 @ 10:35- went the back way via the Port Reading Secondary. Motive power consisted of NS 9357, NS 9871 and NS 9462.