Monday, March 02, 2009

Sometimes you win and other times you lose out...

(Train sightings on 2-28-09.)

This was how Saturday along the Lehigh Line went for me. The morning started out at the Rockafellows Mill Road grade crossing were I caught CP 38T at 7:45. Usually it is earlier than this but this morning would be held at CP51 for NS 23M. Motive power on 38T would be CP 8532 and CP 8518 with one car in tow!

Thinking that once 38T had past, no other trains would be coming east since 23M would be heading west, I headed off to another location. Was I ever wrong on that assumption. Following 38T, the eastbound procession in quick succession would be NS 212, NS 214 and NS 20K. Those three trains can be categorized as heard from but their motive power was not seen.

The next stop would be Jutland where 23M was continuing its westward journey at 8:23. It would eventually be held at CP67 for NS 21M to pass by. Heading over to the Lansdown Road grade crossing, NS 21M passed by around 9:15. Motive power would be NS 9776 and NS 2664. NS 24V was spotted at MP52 around 9:42 with NS 9304 and NS 2511 for power.

NS 64J was next to head east with NS 9925 and PRR 5414 (SD50, ex-CR 6723) providing the power.

With the clouds moving in, I decided to call it a day after NS 213 passed through Three Bridges around 2:06. The leader would be NS 2508 followed by two other unidentified NS diesels. Have to say it wasn't a bad day. Would have enjoyed seeing those three trains I missed at the Rockafellows Mill Road crossing, but some times you win and others are missed. Oh well.