Thursday, February 26, 2009

On this President's Day...

(Train sightings on 2-15-09.)

I elected to go trackside and see what was running along the Lehigh Line. The stimulus for my trip could be attributed to an abundance of sunlight, my wife not vetoing this trip and having a holiday off from work. As for what I observed, here are those sightings:

NS 18G @ 8:38- NS 9404 and NS 2702 would provide the motive power in bringing 102 cars of mixed freight east through Manville.

NS 212 @ 9:30- NS 8350, NS 6634 and NS 9026 was in charge of 212's usual consist of autoracks and COFCs.

NS 3002 (Built originally for the Reading Railroad back in 1973, GP40-2, ex-CR 3279 / Rdg 3675) was observed shuffling cars around in Manville yard. It was ironic that I photographed this ex-Reading unit traveling over a former Reading bridge adjacent to the LEHL as it shuffled those cars.

NS H76 @ 11:45- was seen passing through Flemington Jct with a short cut of mixed freight heading for Three Bridges. Power was seen from a distance, two NS 54?? Series.

NS 68Q @ 1:30- The "5 minute rule" was in effect for me with this train! A few minutes after I drove away, 68Q could be heard sounding its horn for the Landsdown Road grade crossing. Power was only heard from but not seen.