Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nice CSXT EB/WB Rolling Train Meet in Snow at New London, OH

Received the following via email. Photo taken by Ken Heyl on 2-20-09. Text from email.

A dandy meet captured from above on Friday a.m. by Ken Heyl from the highway bridge over the CSXT former Big Four main line at New London, OH. These two trains are highballing. Ken had just recorded the westbound, with a solid set of five BNSF units, including one in Santa Fe, wearing the classic red and silver War Bonnet paint, from the other side of the bridge roadway. It was 11 degrees F...but, hey, the sun was out! This would provide a pretty good adrenaline rush, on a cold winter's day! I'm glad there were no slow trucks crossing the bridge to keep Ken from getting across the roadway to snag this scene!

Photo two --- just as the westbounder races past an eastbounder shows up rolling toward Cleveland. The fresh snow was really kicked-up as these two freights passed.