Friday, February 06, 2009

Hot Times at Crestwood, PA

Received the following via email from Kermit Geary, Jr. The text, photos, and captions are his.

Greetings All. Hope everyone has survived January's bout of "global warming"....more winters like this, I do not need. What started as a two week test of the Reading & Northern was grown into a Month plus due to weather delays and vehicle breakdowns. Currently the second oldest truck in Sperry's fleet is in Fleetwood, PA awaiting the THIRD transmission in two months. They just don't make Allison Trannys like they used to... What all this down time has meant is that we have been able to visit a couple of major train shows (Amherst, MA & Timonium, MD) and have a chance to visit with lots of old friends and meeting new friends. These shows are more of a social event than anything else! And a chance to obtain some interesting models like FL-9's and EP-5's from Branford (Ct) Hobbies. Hopefully, by next year, Searchlight Models will have the T-6 avail in HO....

Attached are a couple of photos from the two days of testing that we got in in the last two weeks!!!

Kermit Geary, JR
SRS 811

SRS 811 awaits the CP 5877 to crest the grade at Crestwood, PA

NS 8443 still proudly wearing her 'Dress Blue' on train 13-T at Crestwood, PA

R&N 3051 on PILE meets SRS 811 at Crestwood, PA. Reflecting Quality in Rail Testing

SRS 811 and the Reading & Northern MofW forces at Crestwood, PA