Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Something old and something new...

(Train sightings on 2-1-09.)

is how to best describe Sunday's sighting during my trackside trek. The something old was an ex-Reading unit that was built in 1973 and still laboring away on CR's MA2. As for the "new", at least when compared to NS 3002, would have been two ES44DCs powering CSX's Q190. The trains spotted were as follows:

NS 19G @ 8:10- would have NS 7533 and NS 9554 bringing 98 cars of mixed freight west.

NS 21M @ 8:27- motive power would be NS 9178, NS 9400 and NS 8322.

NS M9G (?) @ 9:20- wasn't quite positive about this symbol as the transmission wasn't clear. Motive power would be NS 8348 and NS 9175.

CR MA2 @ 9:45- had two old-timers for power! NS 3002 (Built: 1973, GP40-2, ex-CR 3279 / Rdg 3675) and NS 5621 (GP38-2) would depart Manville with 11 ACF centerflow cars and return around 10:45 with 14 ACF centerflow cars.

CSX Q190 @ 10:35- would have two ES44DCs for power, CSX 5304 and CSX 5346, for a rather short intermodal train.

Have to say this wasn't a bad morning to be trackside.