Thursday, September 10, 2009

Centennial of B&O Disaster at Chewton, PA

Received the following information via email. Chewton, PA is northwest of Pittsburgh. The first link is to a current newspaper article about the B&O train wreck of 100 years ago. The next 3 links are to New York Times articles written at that time. They are PDF files.

Last Friday's 100th anniversary of this mysterious, deliberate and deadly sabotage of a Baltimore & Ohio Railroad express train at Chewton was marked by today's Ellwood City Ledger in nearby Ellwood City, of the last station at which the doomed passenger train had stopped:
From Tuesday, September 8, 2009, Ellwood City
Chewton Train Wreck Remembered

From Page 3, Sunday, September 5, 1909, THE NEW YORK TIMES:
GHOULS WRECK TRAIN THREE ARE KILLED; Baltimore & Ohio Flier Derailed at High Speed Near New Castle, Penn. ROBBERY IS THE MOTIVE Seventeen Persons Injured as Fast Train Leaves Track -- Two Suspects Arrested.

From Page 3, Monday, September 6, 1909, THE NEW YORK TIMES:
HOLD MAIMED MEN FOR WRECK OF FLIER; One of Two Prisoners at New Castle, Penn., Has Lost a Leg, the Other an Eye; SEEN NEAR THE DISASTER; Police Strive for Hours to Break Down Their Alibis--Striking Machinists Deny Causing Wreck

From Page 9, Tuesday, September 7, 1909, THE NEW YORK TIMES, the paper's third (and final) installment:
WRECK SUSPECTS SET FREE; Little Evidence Against Men Arrested Following B. & O. Disaster