Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Saturday morning along the LEHL around Manville...

(Train sightings on 9-19-09.)

provided a glimpse of the variety of freight carried by railroads. 21M , 214 and 22V had COFCs and TOFCs. 18G had its usual consist of general merchandise and 053 had two oversized loads. All of this was seen during my two hours trackside.

NS 21M @ 8:47- Motive power consisted of NS 2681, NS 9900 and NS 9908.

NS 053 @ 9:15- would take the Royce Runner and hold for three eastbounds. Motive power for this special move was NS 9573. I couldn't begin to speculate on what its two loads were.

NS 22V @ 9:30- would have NS 9218 as the leader followed by PRR 8357.

NS 214 @ 9:56- had NS 7600 and NS 9916 taking the Port Reading Secondary east.

NS 18G @ 10:25- would have NS 9330 and NS 8899 for its power consist. 18G reported that a van had run the gate at Auten Road, damaging the crossing gate. As a result, Hillsborough PD would protect this crossing so that NS 053 could continue west until the crossing's damaged gate could be checked out by railroad personnel.