Friday, April 16, 2010

Back in good 'ol NJ...

(Train sightings on 4-9-10 and 4-10-10.)

...after taking a road trip out to Hershey by way of Aberdeen, MD and Washington, DC. I will admit that I never got lost during this trip. After all, if one does not know where they are going to begin with, how can you say you are lost? During this trip, my wife made some concessions to do some railfanning along our way and this is what I was fortunate enough to see. The first sighting occurred at Harpers Ferry, WVA @ 12:27 on April 9th. It was an eastbound CSX autorack train with CSX 7663 and CSX 8660 approaching the Harpers Ferry station.

The next trackside stop was in Elizabethtown, PA where Amtrak train 664 is seen pulling into the station at 9:47, right on time. This station, originally built by the PRR in 1915, is currently undergoing a renovation. The platform has been raised four feet and extended from 220 feet to 500 feet to help make it more handicapped accessible.

My final stop would be the sweetest place in the world, Hershey, PA. Right across from Hershey Park was where I photographed NS 862, a unit coal train with NS 9606, NS 8779 and NS 8693 as its power. That metal structure off to the right in this scene is one place you won't find me. That is the track for a floorless roller coaster.

Returning home Saturday afternoon, the final catch of the day would be a NJT ballast train heading east on the RVL It was quite an array of trains I spotted over these two days...