Monday, October 24, 2011

Finally some LEHL autumn colors!

(Train sightings on 10-22-11.)

Those hard to find splashes of autumn's colors were finally found on this Saturday morning in Three Bridges (NJ). The orange and yellow hues that seemed to dominant the foliage at this time of the season were finally seen! Some of those colors were courtesy of a rather unusual source. NS 22V and NS 290 added to the scene with their "contribution" of fall's colors to that tree's foliage which was adjacent to the LEHL. Behind 22V's motive power of NS 9372 and NS 7549 was a string of pumpkin-colored COFCs. adding their autumn color to this scene.

Later on around 12:45, NS 290's leader was UP 3927. Its presence helped to brighten up a suddenly overcast sky with its armour yellow paint in this fall setting.