Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Two NS 'ol soldiers labor on...

(Train sightings on 10-15-11.)

...was out along the LEHL at Three Bridges (NJ) on Saturday in search of some fall colors and only found splashes of color here and there. What I did find though was two NS diesels with a combined age of seventy-seven years working the local at BR&W's interchange. Waiting for Saturday morning's parade of NS trains 11J, 21M, 212, and 18G, NS 3201 and NS 5324 would wait on the siding for over an hour for this parade to clear. When 18G finally passed around 10:39, these two diesels would head west with six cars in a push pull mode. NS 3201 (SD40-2) is of Southern heritage and was built in 1972. NS 5324's (GP38-2) was built back in 1973 when it was PC 8151 and later would become CR 8151.

NS 18G comes east with its consist of mixed freight at 10:39. Motive power was NS 2765 and NS 8986.

NS 3201 prepares to head west to Bethlehem (PA) with six cars of mixed freight and NS 5324 at 10: 51.

NS 5324 brings up the rear on this blustery autumn morning.