Tuesday, December 13, 2011

NS Christmas Holiday Operations

Received the following via email.

Christmas Holiday Operations

Due to reduced shipments expected over the Christmas holiday weekend, Norfolk Southern will suspend most train and terminal operations beginning Saturday afternoon, December 24 with normal operations returning by 7:00 AM Monday, December 26. Operations necessary to protect critical shipments and to assure a rapid return to scheduled operations will continue through the period. Local train operations (pickup and delivery) during this period will be based on customer requirements.

Customers with critical shipments, particularly unit trains, where customer operations will continue through the holiday, should contact their Customer Service representative regarding service requirements.

Where local service (pickup/delivery) will be required through the holiday period, customers are encouraged to contact their Operations and Service Support representative.

National Customer Service Center- - 800 635.5768
Operations & Service Support - - 800 898.4296