Sunday, April 22, 2012

Time Passages

Received the following via email from Kermit Geary, Jr.  Text, photos and captions are his.

Time Passages (an apology to Al Stewart)

The only rail operation like this in the United States is in Mason City, IA and anytime I am near, a visit is required! Always a thrill to see these nearly 100 year old electric motors shuttling cars around like they were built yesterday! If you are ever in Mason City, IA, be sure to stop in and say hi to the crews who operate this active railroad.

IATR 54 eases out to help IATR 60 to the interchange

IATR 54 helping IATR 60 and train up hill to the UP interchange

IATR 60 eases its heavy train eastward to the UP interchange

IATR 60 eases train into Mason City, IA