Sunday, May 20, 2012

NRHS TriState Equipment 2012 Season Opener - Sunday, May 20th Caboose Excursion

Received the following via email.

The forecast is for nice weather, the cars are cleaned and ready to go.

Grab your tickets, the family and friends and come out for a train ride!!!

I counted nine cabooses in line for tomorrow! L&NE 580 is in position to bring up the markers. Raritan River 10 and DL&W 896 next in line…

Sunday, May 20th – Caboose Excursion Trains

Tomorrow (Sunday) our Tri-State cabooses will again be used in the excursion trains at the Whippany Railway Museum.

Find out more about our equipment from our web page:

DL&W 896:

L&NE 580:

RRRR 10:

Equipment Committee Chairman, Don Oberding and his `crew' have been making great progress with the restoration and maintenance of these cars. The most recent activities have been seasonal painting and the removal of the old kerosene burning stove from #10. This has really opened up the car. Don has acquired a period coal burning store to take its place. Come see the spiffed-up cars in person.

Tickets can be purchased on-line. Any unsold tickets may be purchased on-site. Bring your family and friends, help contribute to the museum and share the experience of the ride!

Here's the schedule for train rides at the museum:

Excursion Train Rides
Sunday, May 20
Sunday, June 17 (Father's Day)
Sunday, July 8
Sunday, July 15
Sunday, Sept. 9 (Grandparent's Day)
Sunday, Sept. 16

12th Annual Pumpkin Festival
Sunday, October 7