Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rail Trail Advocates Reveal Their Big Lie...

Received the following via email.  This is blog posting from a web site called MyProgressiveRailroading.com about Rail Trail restoration to Rails.  This web site is a "professional networking site filled with information on all aspects of the rail industry."  Here is the posting and a link a newspaper article about opposition to reopening a rail line in the Adirondacks.

Rail Trail people say that they want the railroad tracks torn up for a trail, or that the railroad corridor should be preserved as a trail in case the railroad needs it back under railbanking; but here again this is where environmentalists go mental. They support green transport but still want their trail. This happened in DC when the B&O line to Bethesda was considered for a light rail line. The local "not in my back yards" fought it, which incidentally were the same people who fought the trail to begin with. Now there is some evidence that Wick Moorman saying that the Pittsburgh-Weirton-Columbus abandonment of the Panhandle Line was a mistake by Conrail. Well there is the Panhandle Trail and there is track at both ends. It's time to test the railbanking act and start making some withdrawals from the "bank." The Panhandle Line would make a great intermodal route and avoid having to go up to Cleveland and back down. I use rail trails, but some of these guys want to bury the patient when they're not dead yet or just in a long coma.

What do you think? Are these rail-trail advocates or rail-trail opposition?

Newspaper article:  Johnsburg Rail project features "green" arguments all around.