Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Before it got too hot here in NJ!

(Train sightings on 7-7-12.)

I decided that getting up early on Saturday morning and trying to beat the forecasted temperature of 100 degrees was the only way to go on being trackside. My first stop would be Belle Mead (Trenton Line; MP 50) where there was some token relief from the sun provided by the shade trees. It wasn't much of a respite but it was better than standing out in the sun! Around 8:30, CSX 7600 and 7636 would bring its short consist of mixed freight east along with a breeze generated by its passing cars. 

From there I was headed over to NS's LEHL in Three Bridges (MP 48). After a twenty minute wait, the signal changed to indicate a eastbound train would be coming soon. It wasn't long before NS 212's headlight was seen in the distance approaching my location. After 212 passed, the heat and gnats were proving to be the deciding factors to call it a day for this trip.