Saturday, July 28, 2012

Norfolk Southern BENT the RR Time-Space Continuum with Freight, Passenger Paint

Received the following via email.

How ironic: In July, 2012, NS has a vintage, four-unit, streamlined EMD passenger locomotive set painted in an adaptation of the freight color scheme worn by hood units of one of its predecessors (SOU)...and at least four brand-spanking new freight hood units painted in the passenger locomotive schemes worn by vintage, streamlined EMD's of four of its predecessor roads (PRR, ERIE, DL&W and SOU)!  A half-decade ago, who would ~ever~ have predicted THAT outcome for mid-2012, back when NS was 'just' a quarter-century old? 

NS 4270 FP9 at Bellevue, OH on 7-17-12
Photo by Sam Sponseller