Sunday, September 29, 2013

A perfect weekend to explore the Corn Maze

Received the following via email.

Its a perfect fall weekend, come explore the corn maze and ol'susquehanna mine.
Become a Farm Scene Investigator! You can play either  game! Find all checkpoints in the maze  AND also play  Farm Scene Investigator. Find out who  did in Farmer Joe! Complete all check points and you win a small prize. Solve the crime of the missing farmer and earn your FSI badge!

There is plenty to do at the mine site,jump around in a  30 ' inflatable bouncie pumpkin, play horseshoes, eat a picnic in our beautiful picnic grove, or explore the Ol' Susquehanna Mine!
The Delaware River Railroad Excursions
1 Market Street
Phillipsburg, New Jersey 08812
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Corn Maze Train
  Board the train in historic downtown Phillipsburg  and journey to the CORN MAZE.

Once you arrive at the corn maze you will go through a brief orientation and  then the fun begins!
Each group receives a map of the maze. We actually have a small and a large maze. Depending on your skill level and the amount of time you have  you can do either one or both! In the maze there are 12 checkpoints and 12  check boxes to be checked off.
As you find each check point there is a hole puncher at the check point. The game is complete when each check point is checked off and you find your way out of the maze!

On site we have a beautiful picnic grove so feel free to bring your lunch and spend the afternoon.
You can arrive on any train you like and stay as long as you like.
Please remember, the only way home is by train and the last train  heads North to the station in Phillipsburg at  3:45 pm in the afternoon.