Friday, September 20, 2013

There is an 'ol saying...

(Train sightings on 9-15-13.) 

...that a person should take time to stop and smell the roses! On Sunday's trip down to Belle Mead and CSX's Trenton Line, I made a it a point to read a sign that described the railroad history that was relevant to this area. This sign had been mentioned to me a while back but I never really took the time to read what was on it during all my trips to this location. This sign, erected in 2012 after the new Route 206 bridge was completed, contained a brief history of the stations that were located here. I found both the words and photos very informative, especially the one photo that was taken in 1931. That photo shows landscaped grounds that evidently were well cared for back then when the station was used. Both buildings, a main depot for westbound passengers and a smaller waiting shelter for eastbound passengers, is surrounded by what appears to be concrete walks. After reading that sign I noticed that the block signal indicated a westbound would soon be passing beneath my vantage point on the bridge. Might as well wait and see what was coming. The train in question was CSX's 409 with CSX 838, CSX 8357 and CSX 7586 bringing its consist past two buildings that bear scant evidence as to what was once here on CSX's Trenton Line at MP50.