Friday, October 11, 2013

Enjoying an Indian Summer evening trackside...

(Train sightings on 10-4-13.) 

Taking advantage of an unseasonably warm "Indian Summer" evening, I decided to head down along the LEHL in Hillsborough (NJ) to see what was running. I was fortunate to catch NS 33K heading west. NS 9901 is illuminated by the setting sun's rays as it passes by MP 40 near the Valley Road grade crossing heading towards Allentown (PA). On-line motive power was NS 9901, NS 6796 and NS 6729. That blue unit was described as a "rider" and is CR 5460 with a long history. It started out as a GP7 DL&W 959 in 1952, was EL 1278, CR 5993 and would be rebuilt as a GP8 in November,1978 along with being renumbered as CR 5460. As it passed by my location, spray painted on its flank in black letters was "DLWR". Will this be the next chapter in this diesel's history?