Tuesday, October 08, 2013

No Toto, we're not in Kansas...

(Train sightings on 9-29-13.)

...which is what I might have thought considering the first train I saw last Sunday (September 29th) since BNSF and UP rule the Midwest. It was CSX K041 (Philadelphia, PA to Chicago/Cicero, IL), a unit train of empty tank cars that was once filled with oil. The power consist for this long train was BNSF 4435, a "cream and green" paint scheme BNSF 9556 and UP 7152 that was heading east over CSX's Trenton Line at Belle Mead (MP 50). After K041 passed by, about forty-five minutes later another headlight appeared down by the Skillman grade crossing. From a distance, the headlight arrangement seemed different. Hmmm.... I had to wonder what this was coming my way? My scanner designated this approaching whatever as "WO05" and that symbol only added to my curiosity as to what was coming my way. Within a few minutes, my questions was answered. Those headlights I saw belonged to Sperry Rail Service doodlebug 119. Two sights normally not seen in these parts that made my afternoon in Belle Mead worth my time.