Sunday, December 07, 2014

A Busy & Colorful Sunday Morning Along CSX's Trenton Line...

(Train sightings on 11-30-14.) 

At times, CSX's Trenton Line can prove to be very quiet in addition to being a challenge to do any morning photography of eastbound trains due to the sun's angle. Sunday's cloudy skies proved to be beneficial since it allowed me to get these morning images at Belle Mead (NJ) on a rather busy morning. The first eastbound train I saw past TL's MP 50 would be 410 around 10:30. Motive power would be CSX 3036 and CSX 5294.

Forty-five minutes later at 11:15, K-041 would bring empty tank cars east behind BNSF 5395 and BNSF 5262.

Following behind the K-041 a short time later would be a power move of three CSX diesels east. While waiting for the next train, I inspected from the outside the interior of the ex-Reading station and waiting room facility. Both proved to be in sad shape due to vandals and neglect over time. Peering into the station's basement through an outside grate, I saw there was what I would estimate to be over a foot of water. On the station's main floor was debris and busted interior walls The backside of the waiting room facility's back wall was caved in and a third of its roof had fallen.

With my inspection over I spotted the headlight of a westbound train. It was the K-042 with the NS Virginian heritage unit leading a Bakken oil train west over the TL. Not a bad way to spend this Sunday morning!