Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Received the following via email.

2014 Christmas and New Year Holiday Operations
For customer planning over the upcoming holidays, anticipating reduced volumes Norfolk Southern plans to begin curtailing most operations for the Christmas Holiday beginning at 3:00 PM on Wednesday,  December 24, with resumption of normal operations on Thursday, December 26.  Local train operations (pickup and delivery) and unit train operations during this period will be based on prearranged customer requirements.  Interline gateways will remain open for traffic delivered from connecting carriers. 
Norfolk Southern will operate a normal road train schedule over the New Year Holiday, however local train operations (pickup and delivery) may be reduced due to customer facility closures over the holiday. 
Where customer operations will continue through the holiday and local service (pickup/delivery) will be required, customers should contact their Operations & Service Support or Customer Service representative to confirm local service requirements.
Customers with critical shipments, particularly unit trains, where customer operations will continue through the holiday, should contact their Customer Service representative regarding service requirements.
Operations and Service Support:                            800-898-4296
Customer Service Operations:                              
Customer Service Automotive Operations:          888-649-9273