Thursday, March 05, 2015

A lousy image is better than no image!

(Train sightings on 2-26-15.) 

Such was the case on Thursday (2-26-15) when I learned that NS's heritage unit New York Central would be leading 24Z, a Chicago, IL to Croxton, NJ intermodal of COFCs. The morning started out with filtered sunlight which gave me hope for a decent image. I learned that it had arrived in Harrisburg to set off some cars and take on additional fuel around 8 AM. Six hours later it would be good to go and continue its trip east. By then the skies in NJ were starting to cloud over making a decent image for me history. At 3:44 PM it passed by Lehigh Line MP 40 in Hillsborough, NJ under gray skies accompanied by a frigid wind. As the title states "A lousy image is better than no image" which in this particular case is ohhh... so true. For those that are keeping count, this makes heritage unit number eleven with only nine more to go for me. Hopefully those remaining nine will be photographed under sunny skies and warmer temperatures.