Monday, March 23, 2015

The next stop will be Three Bridges!

(Train sightings on 3-6-15.)

With Thursday's snowfall now just a bad memory, it was time to head track side for some winter scenes. Because of the snow I decided that Three Bridges (LEHL MP 48) would offer me the best opportunity to get some snow images without my vehicle getting stuck in that snow. It wouldn't be long before NS 22V passed by eastbound with NS 9487 (D9-44CW) and NS 8777 (D9-40C). After it passed, I had to wonder just how many trains had passed that old red LVRR Three Bridges depot? The old photo shows that it is still managing to hold its own against time and the elements. There was also BR Tower, located near the present day NS block signal and adjacent to the Main Street grade crossing. BR Tower controlled the movements on the four tracks that were once here. Note the signal bridge to the left of the tower. That road to the tower's right is Railroad Avenue. Today the only evidence that remains of this tower is a huge concrete slab near that block signal.