Sunday, May 03, 2015

A LEHL Sunday morning at CP SULLY

(Train sightings on 3-22-15.) 

CP SULLY, located between the Valley and Roycefield Road grade crossings in Hillsborough (NJ) near LEHL MP 40, is one of my favorite locations for photography. This location is considered the west end of what was once designated as the Royce Running Track. Sunday morning would find 11J stopped on Main 2 due to some type of mechanical issue. As a result, 20E would bypass 11J by taking Main 1, a/k/a; the Royce Runner, around 9:55. Lead by the NS heritage unit Monongahela and NS 1076, 66Z would also traverse Main 2 later around 10:43 AM. Did not stay around after 66Z's passage as morning's icy winds did not make it feel too spring to me on this third day of spring!