Sunday, May 03, 2015

Chenango Rd. 'Green of Spring'?

Received the following from our correspondent in NW Pennsylvania.

No green, yet, on the trees or in the grass at Chenango Road in the last hour or so of Winter before Spring sprung (officially) in the East at 6:45, this evening (3-20-15). Photographer Ken Heyl did manage to catch the green road signage and green FURX lease locomotive on CSX Transportation main line rails near New London in northern Ohio's Huron County. (There might be a little residual green, somewhere nearby, from Saint Patrick's Day on the 17th.)

Earlier in the day, snow was falling and accumulating again, further east on the CSX New Castle Subdivision. Down here in South Carolina, it was 70 and crystal clear, and every tree and shrub blossom that could bloom and fill the air with pollen was busy doing so! I hope your 2015 Vernal Equinox was pleasant, wherever you were, without itching of eyes or running of nose.