Monday, October 19, 2015

Water Train Inc. - Water Test Train for Agricultural or Groundwater Recharge Use

Received the following via email from our correspondent in NW Pennsylvania.  

I wondered how long before someone tried hauling fresh water to California and elsewhere. A 75-car unit tank train would be able to transport over 2 million gallons at a time.   ---N.     

 "Water Train Inc., an operating unit of Modoc Railroad, began solicitations of private entities and municipal governments to participate in the operation of a water test train. The test train will contain 190,000 gallons of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-approved, treated and cleaned water designed for agricultural or groundwater recharge use. Although the train will arrive too late in the year for most row and stone fruit crops, it will give potential water train users time to identify and develop unloading and distribution sites, company officials said in a press release."