Saturday, February 27, 2016

A busy morning at PU Tower!

Honest... "PU Tower" is the way the tower in Phillipsburg was designated by the CNJ! I headed up there on Friday morning with the knowledge that NS's CNJ heritage unit might be leading the intermodal 21M. As my good fortune would have it there were a number of trains that allowed me to get a couple of images at locations here I had visualized about getting but never had that opportunity. Today would be the day those visions became reality! The first train that would come through would have been an oil train, symbol 66Z. Evidently there were mechanical issues which caused it to be held in Easton, PA. Once it was off the main, a flood of eastbounds came through with NS 22V leading this parade. This train rates as one of my favorite trains with its consist of colorful COFCs. With bright orange COFCs, it passed beneath Phillipsburg's black bridge and headed east at 8:50. Fifteen minutes later NS 212 would follow with NS 20E also passing by my location at 9:30. With the east bound trains out of the way, NS 23M would then head west followed by 21M with the CNJ heritage unit on the point. Needless to say, it looked real nice and getting it traveling on what was once CNJ tracks added to my scene. Even though there were a few more west bound trains yet to come, I got what I had hoped to get on this track side excursion and then some.