Thursday, April 21, 2016

Good-bye to BR&W's "Doodlebug"

Received a text from a friend informing me of BR&W's / NS move of PRR 4666 Doodlebug from Three Bridges (NJ) to Allentown (PA) on Sunday. Arriving at Three Bridges there was already quite a crowd gathered. Instead opting for a less crowded location with more open area for photography, I was off to Lansdowne Jct. (LEHL MP 57.9). My patience was finally rewarded when high-hooded GP38-2 NS 5171 and NS 3030 came into view with PRR 4666 in tow. Seeing the Doodlebug pass by reminded me of the number of times I had rode that car when it was in service for BR&W.  The car is privately owned, and being transferred to the Allentown & Auburn, a short line railroad, as its new home.