Thursday, June 23, 2016

In Search of Short Lines Day 2 Part 1

Back at it bright and early to try and catch the Tennessee Southern.  After 
securing remission at Mt Pleasant and shooting some equipment around the 
shops, caught the in-bound train from Lawrenceburg with 3 ex ATSF GP-9's. 
Nice that the one honoring my birth year was on the point!!!  Headed over to 
the South Central Tennessee and wasted a couple of hours trying to find the 
train before finally throwing in the towel and headed for Dickson, TN...only 
to find the train tied down for the last 3 hours...shot the engine and 
headed west towards Bruceton and the KWT.  Shot CSXT 4 in a siding at 
Waverly, TN awaiting an opposing train.  It would be a long wait as I saw 
the eastbound about 30 miles west...