Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Speeders to East Stroudsburg and beyond!

On June 19th the Mid-Atlantic Motorcar Association ran a 'speeder' trip from Scranton to Point of Gap. In talking with one of the speeders owner, I was told there was thirty-one speeders signed up for this trip. According to the Association's description of this trip's route, it was described this way "... as we must leave by 8:00AM. We will head east on the D&L through beautiful countryside, along the river, through at least one tunnel, past many restored stations through places with names like Tobyhanna, Gouldsboro, Moscow as we head for the Delaware Water Gap. We will make a lunch stop at Stroudsburg, and have been told that the Stroudsburg Tower will be opened for us. We will make our turn at Point of Gap, and return again through the breathtaking Pennsylvania countryside traveling the route of the "Phoebe Snow". Truly a great day on the rails that awaits us!"
Photo 1: Shows some of the speeders passing through the Analomink Street grade crossing in East Stroudsburg. Here they will stop for lunch and have a 1:45 departure time for the next leg of their trip to Point of Gap where the speeders will be turned. 
Photo 2: One of the speeders showing the interior. This one had the markings of being a former CN Rail speeder.
Photo 3: Departing from East Stroudsburg, some of the speeders are seen passing beneath the I-80 overpass while others are approaching the Forge Road grade crossing.